Saturday, July 26, 2008

Obama as a Role Model

I read a recent column by Tanya Weathersby on She was hoping that Obama would have a positive impact on young black youths, i.e. be a role model. I too hope it helps, but it leads me to question why Ms. Weathersby, and others like her on the political left, haven't revered men like Clarence Thomas and Thomas Sowell.

Thomas' and Sowell's lives are substantially more similar to those very young men she hopes are impressed by Obama. Why does she and other like her select a man who is as white as he is black and came from a privileged background in comparison to those young lads, in lieu of two men who are black and come from very similar backgrounds?

This can be explained only by politics.

It amazes me that Ms. Weathersby and those of her political ilk are willing to throw away generations of black youths over politics decrying people like Justice Thomas and Mr. Sowell as Uncle Toms or other derogatory terms instead of presenting them as role models for the black youths of the inner cities. It is that very proposition of choosing politics over young people that amazes me in individuals like Ms. Weathersby and those on the left.

I guess that is what they mean by caring.

Ms. Weathersby goes on to lament the "mind-dulling curriculum" in schools which demonstrates a major problem plaguing those young black youths. Until education in math, science and English, are not viewed as mind-dulling by members of the black community, these youths will never be able to reach for more. Studying black history, diversity and women's studies in high school and college won’t lead to economic success for most, pay as well as being an accountant, engineer or doctor, nor demonstrate that education is valued within the black community.

Education in a commercially viable subject matter is the only true way to change the station in life for the majority of youths, whether black or white.

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