Sunday, July 29, 2007

Schumer a/k/a the Schmuckster

I was watching CSPAN and saw the Schumckster asking Gonzoles questions.

Someone ought to do the country a favor and test some risky science on his tick bite. It might just bring a bit of credibility back to the federal government if he could no longer speak.

Why are the Senators and Representatives wasting our money pursuing useless entrapment efforts of administration officials? Simply, they are attempting to recreate the 1970’s Republican scandal era again.

In one sense, I applaud the Democrats’ attempt to recreate the 1970s’ era Vietnam and Watergate scandals again. By doing so, they will not be implementing legislation that limits our freedoms and choices whether that is healthcare, autos or something else. But in another sense, they are doing so solely to further their own political ambitions rather than for us as a country which I’m really tired of paying for.

The DC police should do the country a favor and prohibit all current members of Congress and their staffs from returning to the Hill. It would be well worth the money to keep them at home with their constituents. They will do less damage to our national image and standing within the world community by staying home rather than coming back and blowing the hot air they do.

It is time to take our government back from the self-serving lawyers on the Hill. We can start by pushing our states to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment and asserting their place at the table of the federalist system we are suppose to have. Only then will you start getting the money out of politics at the federal level.

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