Friday, June 15, 2007

Why are they afraid of us?

Now we hear that the defeated amnesty bill has been resurrected. Reed apologized on the Senate floor for since the senators and their staffs might have to work next weekend on this bill. It appears that the work of the senate is work that Americans are not willing to do. Perhaps they can find some illegals to do the work for them.

Trent Lott just assaulted any one with an opinion. The members of the Senate are setting up talk radio as the bad guys in the whole immigration debate. From McCain's comments a few weeks ago, to Dianne's comments about the racist remarks she has received, to Lott's blaming talk radio for running the country. With all of this, they are proving to themselves the need for the "fairness doctrine". Don't be surprised if they act on this later this year.

They keep saying we don't understand, but yet, they will not engage in a debate on the matter. They say infer that we are too stupid to understand what they are doing, but yet, they cannot put forth a coherent argument for their position.

They want to ignore the current immigration laws, but somehow, think passing a new one will make everything better.

What happens if I want to ignore current tax laws? I go to jail or get everything taken from me.

What happens to them for ignoring our current immigration laws? Nothing.

Trent Lott and the rest of you bumbs up on the Hill, you want us to trust you, then subject yourselves to the same penalties for ignoring current laws as I am. Why aren't you willing to?

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