Thursday, May 31, 2007

WSJ Article by Bush and Mehlman

I couldn't contain my laughter reading the Wall Street Journal article written by former governor Jeb Bush and former chairman of the Republican National Committee. That is, until I realized they were serious.

Let's start with the basic problem I have before you even read the proposed legislation. Statements such as "the bill provides real border security for the first time, protecting us against the entry of terrorists and stdmming the flow of illegal drugs" are littered throughout the article and often repeated by the bill's proponents. How does a bill strenghten our border security? Don't we already have laws in place requiring them to protect our borders? Does this somehow stop them from enforcing the existing laws?

I learned from the Reagan mistake in the 80's. Before any changes are made to the existing legislation, the government needs to prove it has the guts enough to enforce the current law.

I'll tell you what, I just might go for the bill if the politicians who vote for it do the following:

1. Agree that if the bill does not do as they said it would (not intended it to), they have committed treason and will be sentenced to life in jail or death.

2. They agree to forfeit all of their wealth and that of their family to the government.

3. They will forfeit their pension plans and health benefits and have to join the rest of us in the Social Security and Medicare scams.

If they are willing to put their money where their mouths are, then I'll listen. If not, I say grow a set and get rid of this bill.

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