Friday, March 18, 2005

Terry Schiavo Case

Why is it that people that purport to be protectors of life would actually starve to death someone who cannot defend herself? Would we allow such a thing to a happen to a prisoner in one of our military prison? Why are many citizens so put off by soldiers mentally "abusing" prisoners who shot at them, and yet the torture that Terry will undergo brings hardly a peep from those people?

I'm not some right-wing "Christian fanatic" as many right-to-life people are accused of being. I'm Jewish, but my religion, like the Christian faith, protects life in its teachings. This incident needs to be the tipping point for all of us concerned about life. We need to keep throwing the charge of murder in the face of those that either supported the killing of Terry or did nothing to prevent it. This includes a Republican led house and senate of Florida and the US. This includes elected judges in Florida as well as members of the legislative branch of government.

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