Saturday, March 12, 2005

Social Security Reform

Question: Is Social Security in crisis of insolvency right now?
Answer: No. There will be sufficient resources for the program as it's presently structured for about ten to fifteen years.

Question: Does that mean we should not fix structural problems with the program that will lead to insolvency in the future?
Answer: Yes, but only if you're a Democrat or an establishment Republican.

I find it refreshing to have a president that is willing to do the unthinkable, i.e. go after that third rail in politics. Unlike most that have been president, Mr. Bush has had the benefit of being in the private sector, and understands strategic planning. Part of strategic planning requires you to look at opportunities and threats on a long-term basis. Without question, the two programs that will cause the greatest amount of future financial stress are Social Security and Medicare/Medicaid.

Most of the people against the president's plan (which really hasn't been fully developed) are using the buzz words of today's politics in an attempt to justify doing nothing. Why? Because doing nothing is easier than moving the program forward. Moving forward with the program and solving the program's fundamental problems will cost some of the politicians votes. These politicians will be haunted by the same rhetoric they have used against the president and wouldn't that be sweet justice!

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