Sunday, February 21, 2010

The President's Blue Ribbon Commission

The media is praising President Obama for the establishment of the commission to review government spending. Come on. Do we need to do this again? Haven’t we had other “Blue Ribbon” commissions that did the same, and where are we today? Can’t the members of congress do their constitutionally mandated jobs? Or, are they abdicating their responsibilities to this group because they are afraid of making the tough choices? If they need an example, New Jersey’s Gov. Christie has showed the way a real executive makes tough decisions just as we have to do in business everyday.

I would have been impressed had he appointed real CPAs and other financial people without any inside the beltway ties who know the accounting shenanigans used to hide the true cost of government programs and policies. Expecting the Washington establishment to solve problems leads to….well, bigger government, more spending and does not solve the problem.

Let me save the country and the mainstream media the time and money this sham is going to cost by stating the conclusions the "commission" will arrive at:

1. Raise taxes and rates.
2. Implement a national sales tax in addition to the income tax.
3. Cut spending, but only on defense and other non-social items.
4. Raise the retirement age for Social Security and uncap the earnings limit for taxes.
5. Raise the age for participation in Medicare.
6. Means test all non-government employee post-retirement plan so that those who contributed the most will not get any benefits.

None of the above will actually solve the problem. Government NEVER solves a financial problem or any other problem for that matter.

It usually takes an uprising by the people to remove the political class in order to really effect change. Remember, our founders wanted to escape from an oppressive government where they were taxed without being represented. They were not trying to escape an oppressive populous. Remember too, every government solution requires limits on our freedoms and only creates another problem that has to be solved later at a substantially greater financial cost.

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