Saturday, April 11, 2009

Doesn't the Market Going Up Mean The Market Likes Obama's Plan?

So, the markets have bounced from their lows of a month ago. Many are saying the stimulus Obama is doing is starting to work. My thoughts?

Well, let's start from the beginning of the current crisis that started about a year ago. As you might recall, things were going sideways but not downward. September 2008 brought with it McCain's announcement of Palin as his Veep candidate. The left was stunned and they ran to their constituencies to say help. Then, the Soros' of the world starting wrecking havoc on the markets. The accomplices in the media played it up. The desire was to elevate Obama and downplay the McCain rally that was occuring in the "voting" marketplace. Palin was drawing the conservatives into the voting booths, and it really scared the Democrats.

What did the Democrats to then? They did what they always do, they attacked Palin and her family personally. Soros and his friends on Wall Street started the run. The markets began tanking and Bush, being the stand-up guy he has proven to be, thought he must do something. I bet he regrets that decision today.

Now, as I have found out, most of America believes that Wall Street is run by evil Republicans when in fact, it is a Democratic haven. There are very few conservatives on Wall Street and very few Republicans.

So, let's get this straight, the cities and state that have the most fiscal problems are Democrats. Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are run by Democrats. Wall Street is run by Democrats. Paulson is a Democrat. Geez, is there a connnection?

Now, we're hearing that the economy will recover in September, but employment isn't expected to recover until 2010. How will the economy recover without employment?

I don't believe it will. I think this rally is a false rally and the employment lows of this recession haven't been hit. Without consumers spending, there can be no recovery. Consumers won't spend until they become more confident about the economy which is why the media is playing it up. Play it up, and people will spend. So, the government and its media are providing the public with false information. It's too bad they cannot be help to account the say way the CEO of Enron did.

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