Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

So today is inauguration day for the next president of the United States. What should seemingly be the demonstration of the true American model of peaceful changes of power, is now something of a coronation of some messiah. This is wrong.

Now, I understand the historic nature of Mr. Obama in that he is half black. But, is his election really more symbolism over substance? I mean, it’s not like the guy was raised in the conditions that Clarence Thomas or many other were and has ascended to the top position of his profession. He was raised in a loving and caring environment that is completely white suburban in nature rather than the conditions far too many black children find themselves being raised in today. So, what is Mr. Obama’s election really telling us? The racial divide in the United States has been solved, or the need for affirmative action no longer exists?

I’m not one that looks at race, although I admit, I do religion. In my world view, everyone is good until they prove themselves bad so race doesn’t impact my views of people. I try and treat everyone with the same respect I expect

My view is Mr. Obama’s election teaches us that self-reliance is the key to a successful career. Many others have demonstrated the same which seems weird in that we are moving closer toward a culture of dependence, i.e. on government, than independence.

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