Sunday, August 17, 2008

Obama Questions Justice Thomas' Qualifications

Victor Davis Hanson writes:

In tonight’s Rick Warren interview, I don’t know why Obama chooses to insult a Supreme Court Justice at a religious forum, but his comments that Justice Thomas was not qualified to be on the Court were revealing. Why would Obama think, given his own credentials, that he was better qualified for President than Clarence Thomas was for the Supreme Court?

As far as working at University of Chicago Law School, the real question is how is it that Obama, without any major publications, would be qualified to teach law at Chicago? There were literally thousands of law professors who would not be hired at Chicago, even as adjuncts, who had far more impressive records of scholarship than did Barack Obama.
Most of us, at least I think it is most of us, wonder the same. What have you done Mr. Obama?

Answer, the same as most like him: played the race card to get where they need to go. Glad to see our nation is moving ahead.

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