Friday, June 06, 2008

Frum v. Limbaugh Debate

In doing my daily review of the news via, I ran across Frum's response to Limbaugh's criticism on National Review Online. I note especially this passage:

"What I am writing and thinking about is how to win, win in a new era in which the themes and issues with which Rush and I grew up are receding deeper and deeper into history. And not just win politically, but win substantively too – to deliver better results to American voters than they have had over the past 8 years.

"Rush accuses me and the others of seeking to “water conservatism down.” I counter: it’s the learn-nothing, change-nothing approach that Limbaugh is unwisely endorsing that risks exiling conservatism for a generation."

Now, it seems to me that we first must come to to terms with this: Bush is not/was never going to be a conservative. His compassionate conservatism was nothing more than expensive talk.

What we need is to impact the public discourse and change the lexicon. We conservatives have let the left walk all over us and actually move the

Let's decide as a country: Are we communists? Are we Marxists? Or, are we as our founding fathers wanted, a free country? Remember, they paid a much heavier price for the freedoms we have than we have. Well, almost every generation has paid a heavier price than we have.

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