Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Fix Is On - College Football Has Caved

The fix must be in with respect to college football. I don't know how else to explain it. I was watching the Oklahoma and Oregon game when the reviewer blew two calls. The first was the on-sides kick attempted by Oregon. Clearly, the Oregon player touched the ball within the 10 yard area in which the team kicking off is not able to. After review, the referee comes states that there is "conclusive video evidence that an Oklahoma player touched the ball first.." Well, I'm not sure which game film he was watching, because every one watching this game saw the Oregon player touch the ball within the 10 yard area.

The second was the pass interference penalty called by the officials. The rules state that, on a pass play, if a ball is tipped there can be no pass interference. Here, the video evidence showed a spiraling football suddenly wobbling after going over the outstretched hand of an Oklahoma player and the path of the football altered. Now, one doesn't have to be a physicist to figure it out, but the video showed an Oklahoma player's hand cause the change. Again, the referee came on and told us that our eyes deceived us. I don't recall either the referee or the replay official's name being David Copperfield.

There is no further evidence needed: the fix is on for college football.

College football has lost its greatest fan. Do me a favor and tell me who is going to win Friday night so I don't have to waste my Saturdays watching the games.

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